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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lammily - Average is Beautiful

Lammily: Barbie-like doll hits Kickstarter fundraising target in a day

An artist who created a ‘realistic’ Barbie-like doll according to the dimensions of an average woman has raised enough money to begin selling the toy.

Nickolay Lamm launched a Kickstarter page to raise $95,000 (£56,811) on 5 March, and had already made over $106,000 (£63,390) the next day.

While Mattel’s Barbie has been criticised for having proportions that would see the doll have half a liver and be forced to walk on all fours in she were a real person, Lamm’s doll carries the tagline: “average is beautiful”.Artstrada Magazine PhotobucketBookmark and Share

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