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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confederate Motorcycles teases P120 Black Flag, we'll take ours in... black — Autoblog

Confederate Motorcycles teases P120 Black Flag, we'll take ours in... black — Autoblog

Friday, June 25, 2010

Amber Rose's 2009 Shoot

Amber Rose's 2009 Complex Shoot
This video from Complex Media features a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot from Complex Magazine's August/September issue, the annual Style & Design special. This shoot features Kanye's girlfriend Amber Rose

Tennessee "My Strength" PSA created by Men Can Stop Rape

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Artsträda Magazine Presents SPIRITUAL BAT in Concert tonight!!!!!

Artsträda Magazine Presents - A night of gothic industrial and dark world electronica from across the ocean, all the way from ITALY!



SPIRITUAL BAT, an infamous dark world band based
out of Italy launching their first U.S. Tour takes
the stage at midnight

Interview with The Spiritual Bat kainklangmusikmagazine

Who is behind everything The Spiritual Bat?
Rosetta: “The Spiritual Bat” is a duo, that is, Dario, composer and creator of the project… and me, Rosetta (Lyrics, Vocals, drum arrangements and sequencing). We like playing with other musicians, as you can see on Through The Shadows… It is an honour for us to have Bruno on the Flute. He has worked with Morricone, with Pavarotti, with most of the great directors in classical music. But he is also the type of musician who likes experimenting other dimensions… Then we also have Alessio Santoni, an excellent drummer who can play any style… I actually played electro-acoustic drums in the previous line-up (Sacrament). But I needed somebody technically better than me to play my own drum arrangements for Through The Shadows, and Alessio was perfect, fast and respectful of my parts even though expressing his personality. Initially, when we had lost all the other band members, Dario and I meant to release all instrumental music, but when last year we set up a recording session for Alessio to play acoustic drums, … I kind of felt I had to find another way to express myself… I got inspired and on a spur of the moment I wrote the lyrics for some of the songs and debuted on my vocal instrument a few months later."

HIPNAUTICA, is a hybrid chameleon which presents their own self titled Dark World Electronic style which combines somber and reverent tones and beautiful harmonies, combined with heavy electronic sequences and beats, and backed by live instrumentation and profound lyrical content. Known for their diverse performances which feature a plethora of live musicians including 2 female singers, viola, cello, tribal drums, live bass and guitar led by the electronics, lead male vocal of Sky and joined by our dark world gypsies, performance artists, and unique custom visual projections. This particular performance will focus on their more somber, down tempo material and escalate in a high energy finale, a set featuring 1 new song and two very rarely performed songs. Including Now, Awakening, and Morbitua.

SULLEN SERENADE from San Antonio will start around 10:00, Robert from San Antonio leads this project as a powerful dark tribal drummer on his first U.S. tour, presenting a somber dark world vibe backed by guitars, bass, live backing tracks, and beautiful belly dancers. Robert invited Hipnautica into this special event because he was once a previous special guest drummer within Hipnautica and the two bands have a sound that compliments each other well.

Also, featuring special guest DJ Edminister.

If you love the more subtle, darker nature of Hipnautica you will love these two great bands as we have chosen to support their first U.S. Tour, on the premier night of their U.S. Tour to start them off right. We will present a great night of DARK WORLD ELECTRONIK, featuring three great bands, and dark world gypsy belly dancers...we hope you come out to see another side of Hipnautica as we support our friends on their first U.S. Tour.

Elysium is 21+
$5 Door open at 9:00pm
All bands will have CDs & other merch available.
Ask about our All Night Drink Specials
& our signature Hipnautica Martini


*We can always utilize creative people and helpful hands...if you want to volunteer for any of our events or if you want to help promote this and/or future events we would welcome you to join our Street Team. Contact for details and benefits.



June 24th 2010 - Elysium (with Hipnautica) - Austin, Texas

June 25th 2010 - Super Happy Fun Land (with Dead Frail Honesty) - Houston, Texas

June 26th 2010 - The Thirsty Camel (with Happy Death Men) - San Antonio, Texas

July 2nd 2010 - The Hideout (with Strap on Halo) - Omaha, Nebraska

July 3rd 2010 - Bedlam Theatre (Shinto Records)-Dark Carnival(w/Scarlet Slipping & Phantoms of the SS) - Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 6th 2010 - The Darkroom - Chicago, Illinois

July 7th 2010 - Smalls (Darque Productions) - Detroit, Michigan

July 8th 2010 - The Depot - Baltimore, Maryland

July 9th 2010 - Digital Ferret - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 10th 2010 - Club Bohemia(with Amber Spyglass & Dreamchild) - Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 14th 2010 - The Wormhole(Black Oaks Savannah Productions) - Savannah, Georgia

July 16th 2010 - SOUTHERN GOTHIC FESTIVAL - New Orleans, Louisiana

July 17th 2010 - SOUTHERN GOTHIC FESTIVAL - New Orleans, Louisiana

July 22nd 2010 - TBA - Denver, Colorado

July 24th 2010 - TBA (venue change) - Salt Lake City, Utah

July 26th 2010 - Black Monday - Seattle, Washington

July 31st 2010 - Teatro de La Psychomachia (with 100pcs & Danse Perdue) - Seattle, Washington

August 1st 2010 - The Hive - Portland, Oregon

August 5th 2010 - Death Rock Dive Bar - Oakland, California

August 6th 2010 - Ghost Town (with Accolade) Oakland, California

August 7th 2010 - Audie's Olympic (Club Fred) - Fresno, California

August 8th 2010 - The Retox - San Francisco, California

August 13th 2010 - Heretics - Los Angeles, California

August 15th 2010 - TBA (venue change) San Diego, California


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stopping Human Trafficking Update - Stay in Touch - Ron Mainse with Joy Smith, MP

Ron Mainse talks to Joy Smith, MP about the issue of human trafficking in Canada and the fact that Bill C-268 has now passed through the Senate to give a mandatory sentence for offenders.
Joy Smith, MP
Winnipeg, MB Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul
Contact: Andrew Smith, Constituency Communications

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Formula One racetrack designer was recruited for an Austin racing venture once before

Formula One racetrack designer was recruited for an Austin racing venture once before

Last project to which Hermann Tilke's name attached was a country club for enthusiasts that got a red flag from economy. TILKE GMBH & CO.
Enlarge Photo The Shanghai International Circuit in China, designed by Hermann Tilke, has received mixed reviews since Formula One racing began there in 2004 because of its 16 corners and two long straights.

Hermann Tilke

Tilke had unique challenges in designing the Bahrain International Circuit, such as blowing desert sand in the Mideast kingdom.


READ MORE from the Statesman

Monday, June 21, 2010

WINE and our favorite shows that talk about them!

Born Into Brothels-Calcuttas Red Light Kids 1:23:21

Born Into Brothels-Calcuttas Red Light Kids
Born Into Brothels (Calcutta's Red Light Kids) is a 2004 American documentary film about the children of prostitutes in Sonagachi, Calcutta's red light district. The widely acclaimed film, written and directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman, won a string of accolades including the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2004.

Midnight Run

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Austin Cyberpunks present Techno-Industrial Artists

June 23rd

Austin Cyberpunks present Techno-Industrial Artists Nachtmahr and Uberbyte.

On their "Empires of Noise" Tour, straight from Austria and The UK, Nachtmahr and Uberbyte have proven to be two of the Best TECHNO-INDUSTRIAL bands on the planet. And, will be delivering stomping beats at Encore, 611 Red River, on Wednesday, June 23rd. Local Support by Sin DNA, DJ Blue Eyed Devil, DJ Lina X and DJ Juxtatek. 18+ are welcome, $10 at the door.

July 14th

Austin Cyberpunks present Harsh EBM and Industrial artists Unter Null and Cyanotic

On tour, from Portland, Oregon, Unter Null will be delivering Harsh Pounding Beats with EBM Guests Cyanotic, Holocaust Humanity and Lucid Dementia. Spinning Terror and Industrial Mayhem are DJ Blue Eyed Devil, DJ Lina X and DJ Juxtatek. All at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St., on Wednesday, July 14th. All Ages are welcome for $12, and $10 for 21+

July 23rd

Austin Cyberpunks present AggroTech and Industrial artists C/A/T with guest bands Caustic and CTRL

Front-man of the famous Industrial label Crunch Pod, Ben of C/A/T will be invading Austin with Terror Pounding Beats and sharing the stage with Caustic and CTRL. Spinning The Best EBM, Industrial and Synth are DJ Lina X and DJ Juxtatek. All at Booze Town, on 12th & Chicon, Friday, July 23rd. $10, 18+ are welcome

August, Friday The 13th

Austin Cyberpunks & Artstrada Magazine present Texas Industrial Fest

A Unification of Texas Industrial Artists and Performers. 18 bands of all Industrial Sub-genres, 6 Industrial DJs, Fetish Shows throughout the day and night, Fire dancer performances at night, Caged Dancing All Day and Night, and Cyberpunk Visuals and Art. Show up early between 4pm - 6pm and get in FREE, plus a FREE V.I.P. bracelet, which comes with a FREE tshirt, cd and drinks. All takes place at Encore, 611 Red River, All Ages are welcome, $15 for general admission, $20 for V.I.P. pass, get your pre-sale tickets at

August 31st

Austin Cyberpunks brings you Android Lust w/Mankind is Obsolete & Poneiroid Psychosis

Shikhee has been stunning audiences as Android Lust through her unique style of industrial, wrought with sonic experimentation underscoring lushly melodic songwriting and intense lyrical themes. She's been referred to as a female equivalent to Trent Reznor (N.I.N.).



click link for more pics!

Special thanks to those that made this event so fun and successful!

On Stage One: (not nec in this order)
Happy Happy James World
DJ Josh Meredith

On Stage Two:
DJ Boris Jonica
DJ Ohno
Dark Ragnarok

Chill Area Stage Three outside by the pool:
VJ Puppethead
Sound Shaman
DJ Sunkyst
Aaron Anthony and Michael Hale as Artificial Life Preserver