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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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THREADS (Nuclear War)

Threads is a British television drama produced jointly by the BBC, Western World Television and the Nine Network in 1984.[2] Written by Barry Hines and directed by Mick Jackson, it is a documentary-style account of a nuclear war and its effects on the city of Sheffield in northern England.
The primary plot centres on two families, the Kemps and the Becketts, as an international crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union erupts and escalates. As the United Kingdom prepares for war, the members of each family deal with their own personal crises. Meanwhile, a secondary plot centred upon the Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council serves to illustrate the British government's then-current continuity of government arrangements. As open warfare between NATO and the USSR-led Warsaw Pact begins, the harrowing details of the characters' struggle to survive the attacks is dramatically depicted. The balance of the story details the fate of each family as the characters face the medical, economic, social, and environmental consequences of a nuclear war.
Shot at a budget of £250,000-350,000,[1] the film was notable in being the first of its kind to depict a nuclear winter.[3] Certain reviewers have nominated Threads as the "film which comes closest to representing the full horror of nuclear war and its aftermath, as well as the catastrophic impact that the event would have on human culture".[4] It has been compared to The Day After, a 1983 U.S. television film depicting a similar scenario in the United States. (One review of both productions said, "Threads makes The Day After look like A Day at the Races.")[3][2]
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Velvet Acid Christ : Artstrada Magazine

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Best Cyberpunk films that you should watch

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2014 Volkswagen e-up!

The Volkswagen e-up! electric city car goes on sale in the UK next week priced at £19,250 including £5,000 Government grant or £24,250 on the road.
The Volkswagen e-up! is available to order from 2 December, with first deliveries expected at the end of January 2014.

Based on the multi-award-winning up! city car, the Volkswagen e-up! comes in one high-specification trim level.  With zero tailpipe emissions, a range of up to 93 miles in optimum conditions, and a standard full charge taking less than nine hours from a standard 230-Volt, 2.3 kW household socket, the five-door e-up! is as practical as it is environmentally friendly.

The e-up!’s AC electric motor produces 60 kW / 82 PS and 210 Nm of torque.  The lithium-ion battery is rated at 374 Volts and 18.7 kWh.  Depending on driving style, charge level and ambient conditions, it has a maximum potential range of 93 miles.  As well as a standard driving mode, the e-up! has two economy profiles as standard: ‘Eco’ and ‘Eco+’.  ‘Eco’ cuts the vehicle’s peak power to 50 kW, reduces the output of the air conditioning system and modifies the throttle response.  ‘Eco+’ limits maximum power to 40 kW, further modifies the throttle response and disables the air conditioning.
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[Tokyo Motor Show 2011] FC Sho Case - Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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