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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Facts about Human Trafficking within the US

The founder and President of Project Liberty--a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing victims and increasing awareness of human trafficking with the United States--sat down recently to shares some facts about human trafficking with radio show hosts Jackie Monroe and Dr. Russ about some.

This short clip was taken from that interview, which can be found (after 2/22/11) online in podcast form at:

To learn more about human trafficking with the United States and what you can do to help fight this modern day slavery, please visit: or

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Computer Virus TV News Report 1988

Overly melodramatic and cheesy Boston TV channel news report about a computer virus outbreak discovered by MIT nerds. Fun because they don't just report on the virus - they interview geeks, and insert random clips from retro videogames and TV movies to illustrate what a virus is. Remember, this was 1988!

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The Beloved - Satellite (1996) Full Video

One of best The Beloved classics!!
Great song, hot video!!

The Beloved - Satellite.
Producer - The Beloved.
Recorded mixed Mixed By - Stephen Fitzmaurice.
Written by - Helena Marsh , Jon Marsh.

(sorry for the poor picture quality, it's the best I can find so far... Too bad this video has never included in any 90's dance compilation DVD)

for more info about The Beloved / Jon Marsh

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Loverboy - Take Me To The Top

The last song from "Get Lucky", from the year of '81.

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Kel-Tec KSG 15 Round Shotgun (7+7+1) Shot Show 2011

Overview by Kel-Tec technician of the their new KSG 12 gauge shotgun scheduled for release in 3rd quarter or 2011. The KSG weighs 6.9 lbs (8.5lbs loaded) and is 26.1inches long with a 18.5 cylinder bore barrel. It has dual tube magazines that allow it to hold 14 rounds of 12 gauge 2 3/4 shells (7 per tube).

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Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle Shot Show Media Day 2011

Overview and shooting the Benjamin Rogue .357 air rifle at the Shot Show Bass Pro Media Day 2011. The .357 caliber Rogue is capable of sending a 175 grain bullet down range at more than 800 feet per second.

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Lawmakers, governor target social promotion for students

a lot of new mexico students could find it a lot harder to move up to the next grade if a bill supported by governor martinez becomes law. stuart dyson is live at the capitol with a look at what educators call "social promotion." stu - social promotion happens when a kid passes to the next grade - even though he or she hasn't learned the skills necessary to start the next grade - the governor - and strong lawmakers from both parties - want to stop it. the bill focuses on three crucial grades - third - fifth - and eighth - prohibiting social promotion - requiring students to have the skills before they move on - with the emphasis on reading - reading - reading. the governor has put together an impressive coalition for this effort. "i am most grateful to stand with republicans and democrats because we are truly coming together as a legislature - knowing that we're putting our kids first - not the special interest groups - and that is a symbol of a change of the culture." " that child gets to high school - still can't read - can't even fill out a job application - much less get a job." " this is not about being a republican or a democrat - this is about standing up for our children - the children of this state - we've had enough - we are not going to socially promote our children - they must learn to read - this is why we are so united." educators across the country are tackling the promotion issue - split over the best ways to deal with it - feeling intense political pressure to stop the practice. another of the governor's education bills - thone that would grade schools a through f - has the same kind of broad bipartisan support - these appear to be on the fast track as the sixty day legislative session is at the halfway point

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New Order - Age Of Consent

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Girls of BSN - Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa was raised on the island of Puerto Rico. She was eager to compete in sports from a very young age, and when she moved to the United States she discovered her love for fitness. Vanessa began weight training in 2005 when she joined her first gym, and after a few training sessions she was hooked. She developed a passion for health and fitness which led her to become a personal trainer.

Vanessa's dream was to one day compete, and after five years and overcoming many obstacles, she decided to turn that dream into a reality. She made her NPC debut at the 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships, where she took the Overall Bikini title. She followed up that win the following week at the NPC Eastern Seaboard in Atlanta, where she also won the Overall Bikini title.

Vanessa then obtained her IFBB pro card by winning her class at the 2010 Team Universe. She wasted little time getting her feet wet in the IFBB pro league and entered the IFBB PBW Tampa Pro, where she placed third and qualified for the first-ever IFBB Bikini Olympia. It was at the 2010 Olympia that Vanessa made her BSN® debut, ultimately placing in the top 15.

Vanessa's mission is to motivate, educate and help women and mothers like herself live healthy lives, not only for themselves but for their families. Vanessa currently lives in Florida and works as a Bombshell Fitness trainer, fitness model, and IFBB competitor.

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Inhabitat Sees Green at the Detroit Auto Show

Inhabitat hit the carpet at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in search of green cars. It seems it wasn't that hard to find them. Join Jill Fehrenbacher as she checks out the latest electric innovations at Mercedez Benz, Ford and Porsche. Video by Brit Liggett

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Benjamin Sanchis, Belharra - Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Entry

Benjamin Sanchis of Hossegor, France tows into a monster at Belharra Reef in the Basque Country. An Entry in the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards. Video by Julien Roulland. For more info see

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Gavin Wade - State of the Arts Flash Conference

Gavin Wade of Eastside Projects offering a provocation at the State of the Arts Flash Conference on the question "What makes a good home for art (and for artists), and how can we ensure there are more of them?"

For more information see

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2011 BMW Concept C (Commuter) scooter

2011 BMW Concept C (Commuter) scooter.
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Profiling Pimp Culture - A Future Not A Past

Cheryl Deluca-Johnson and Sharon Saffold-Harris profile pimp culture and the commercial sexual exploitation of minors. Edited and photographed by Theodore O. Lawrence of Cinephiles Anon.

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Pauline Nordin

Pauline Nordin - AST Sport Science Team

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2011 Naked Middleweights Motorcycle Shootout

With the recent introductions of Yamaha's FZ8 and BMW's F800R to U.S. shores, the unfaired -- or "naked" -- middleweight category expands to include at least five models. With machines from Germany, Japan, Italy and the U.K., it's a good ol' moto melting pot of naked bike fun!

Lucky us, we got our paws on four of 'em: Aprilia's Shiver 750, the BMW F800R, Triumph's Street Triple R and the FZ8 from Yamaha...

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America 101 - Illegal Immigration Comedy

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