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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lawmakers, governor target social promotion for students

a lot of new mexico students could find it a lot harder to move up to the next grade if a bill supported by governor martinez becomes law. stuart dyson is live at the capitol with a look at what educators call "social promotion." stu - social promotion happens when a kid passes to the next grade - even though he or she hasn't learned the skills necessary to start the next grade - the governor - and strong lawmakers from both parties - want to stop it. the bill focuses on three crucial grades - third - fifth - and eighth - prohibiting social promotion - requiring students to have the skills before they move on - with the emphasis on reading - reading - reading. the governor has put together an impressive coalition for this effort. "i am most grateful to stand with republicans and democrats because we are truly coming together as a legislature - knowing that we're putting our kids first - not the special interest groups - and that is a symbol of a change of the culture." " that child gets to high school - still can't read - can't even fill out a job application - much less get a job." " this is not about being a republican or a democrat - this is about standing up for our children - the children of this state - we've had enough - we are not going to socially promote our children - they must learn to read - this is why we are so united." educators across the country are tackling the promotion issue - split over the best ways to deal with it - feeling intense political pressure to stop the practice. another of the governor's education bills - thone that would grade schools a through f - has the same kind of broad bipartisan support - these appear to be on the fast track as the sixty day legislative session is at the halfway point

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