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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Essence - Out Of Grace (New Version)

Lyrics to Out of Grace :
The way I saw you dancing in the rain
The way I held your hand and left in pain
The way you said you always remember the same
Don't let it end
Oh, please explain

All what you said tonight
You always change the words for now
And again
There's nothing left to say
If only I knew what I must say
Now the night's away

The way I saw you dancing in the rain
The way I saw you cross your legs and scream
The way the wetness dripped out of my face
It leaves me oh so sensual
It's out of grace

And all I ever want
To use you up
And break your heart again
And all I ever said
Just hold me now
And feel the same again
But I'll just drop you dead
Again and again...

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