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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mindwalk (1990) FULL MOVIE [Leg. Esp.- Eng Captions]

Based on the book "The turning point" by Fritjof Capra.
It´s the beginning of the 90´s, the world collective consciousness is still focused in mass production to feed the mass consumption. Ecological consciousness was still for a few, seen by others as fanatics.

In the middle of that consciousness scenario three characters meet: a physicist away from her job due to ethical conflicts, played by the wonderful Liv Ullman, a U.S. presidential candidate beaten in the last elections (Sam Waterson) and a poet, who has just gone through a love disappointment (John Heard).

Along the script no great romantic story, just conversations about ideas which are not new today, but at the time were quite revolutionary. Based on Fritjof Capra novel and brilliantly translated to a movie by director Bernt Capra (Fritjof's brother).

We watch a scientist presenting her holistic vision and what she could do for the world to both, the politician and the poet.

This is a film to watch again and again, specially in the present days, when we are moving into a more ecological consciousness.

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