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Sunday, June 26, 2011

War and Peace 1967 ENGLISH Subtitles 3/4 "Война и мир" -- '1812'

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Third part: "1812"

Director: Sergei Bondarchuk
Stars: Lyudmila Savelyeva, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Sergei Bondarchuk
Eight-hour epic based on the eponymous book by Leo Tolstoy. Two main story-lines are complex and intertwined. One is the love story of young Countess Natasha Rostova and Count Pierre Bezukhov, who is unhappy in his marriage. Another is the "Great Patriotic War" of 1812 against the invading Napoleon's Armies. The people of Russia from all classes of society stand up united against the enemy. The 500,000 strong Napoleon's army moves through Russia and causes much destruction culminating in the battle of Borodino. The Russian army has to retreat. Moscow is occupied, looted and burned down, but soon Napoleon loses control and has to flee. Both sides suffer tremendous losses in the war, and Russian society is left irrevocably changed.

Razboi si pace. Dupa romanul lui Lev Nicolaevici Tolstoi.
Filmul e format din 4 parti:
1) Andrei Bolkonsky - Андрей Болконский
2) Natasha Rostova - Наташа Ростова
3) Anul 1812 - 1812 год
4) Pierre Bezukhov - Пьер Безухов
Premiat la Oscar si la Golden Globes.
Durata filmului (mai bine de 8 ore) e necesara pentru a prezenta in detaliu complexitatea operei lui Lev Tolstoy, care a stat la baza acestei ecranizari. Doua planuri majore se intercaleaza in film. Unul e povestea de dragoste dintre Contesa Natasha Rostova si Contele Pierre Bezukhov, care se vede impotmolit intr-o casnicie fara dragoste. Celalalt relateaza istoria razboiului ruso-francez, cand Napoleon, in fruntea unei armate de 500.000 de oameni, invadeaza Rusia. Trupele franceze risipesc tot ce gasesc in cale, confruntarea culminand cu batalia de la Borodino. Moscova cade sub asediul francez, dar situatia se va schimba curand,in favoarea rusilor.

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