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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Avoid buying/renting a Meth house

Learn the dangers of Meth-contaminated homes, and what you can do to avoid buying or renting a home or apartment that has been contaminated by Meth.

For more information on hazards and warning signs of Meth manufacture in a property:

For more detailed information for potential homebuyers and tenants (includes a true "close call" story, detailed warning signs in properties, and questions to ask future neighbors before signing rental or purchase agreements):

For more information on Meth testing kits and questions to ask to be sure the test will meet your specific needs:

This video is one in a series of Meth education training videos. This video was produced by MAPP-SD, a Project of Prairie View Prevention Services.

Copies of this video and others produced by MAPP-SD are available. To see a list of all videos or to order copies of our videos or other educational materials, visit our website:

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