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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visibly Loud "Articulated Dream" - TV2D575A09 - Luxury Motorhome RV - lu...

This motorhome features the following:

±55.00m² Usable living space
13.85m Custom built semi-trailer chassis featuring full length slideouts that extend the width of the vehicle by 2.20 meters thus giving the following dimensions when extended - Length 13.85m, Width 4.70m and a Height of 4.00m.
1 x Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom
1 x Guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom - This room has a 6 foot (180cm x 200cm) double bed that can be separated into 2 single beds in the event it is necessary to accommodate children, guests etc.
1 x Lounge
1 x Kitchen
High end designer components, such as wc, sink, shower, bathroom fixtures and fittings, ceramics flooring and walls, kitchen components, domestic appliances and so on. There are no limitations, we can integrate any components that you should so desire.
Flushline privacy glass double glazing with integrated electric venetian blinds that tilt for privacy, raise and lower to control the amount of light that enters the vehicle and finally the windows can be opened and closed where applicable
A high end Audio Visual System
A high security entry system featuring F1 paddock style swipe card entry system, supported by a remote control operated deadlock system
Touch screen computer system, which provides the user the possibility to control a vast amount of features of the motorhome from a central point (touch screen display in the living room). The multiplex system can undertake many tasks inclusive tank monitoring, auto generator start, lighting and ventian blind controls, home automation and systems monitoring.
1 x self seeking satellite system for internet access with a flat rate tarif that includes up to 2048 Mbps download and 128 kbps upload speeds (subject to location and availability)
1 x self seeking satellite system for satellite TV
1 x Garage facility
Many other unique selling points

Furthermore our motorhomes can offer our clients many benefits, including:

Personal space
Relaxing ambient
Vicinity Of Point Of Interest (e.g. Circuit, Film Set, Place Of Work, On site In The Field etc etc)
Consistent sleeping environment featuring same bed / same mattress at all events
Creature comforts readily to hand
Individual taste catered for, including cupboards and refrigerator stocked with the items that you deem essential to your everyday lifestyle
Like for Like features, that can be compared to that of a hotel suite
Minimal distraction
Human interaction - Eliminates the hassles and burdens associated with having to deal with the general public, whilst undertaking your everyday tasks
Satellite TV Available in your native language
Wireless Internet Access

Ideal client domains are as follows:

Film Stars, Music Stars, Celebrities with a need for a facility to escape too during down time whilst on location
Professional Sportsmen & Women
Formula 1 Drivers
Moto GP Riders
World Superbike Riders
Project Managers Working In The Field
Project Managers Working In The Field in unsecure and dangerous territories around the world (Africa, Iraq etc) such a motorhome eliminates the need to be in hotels (target for terrorists) and therefore the client can remain on or at a secure site, such as place of work

For further information, please contact Visibly Loud Limited on:

Tel: +49 172 711 7191

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