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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah McLachlan - Vox (Extended Remix) - 1988 Touch (Nettwerk / NTCD 45)

Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Album: Touch (1988 Black Label)
Year: 1988
Format: CD (Nettwerk NTCD 45)
Song: Vox (Extended Remix)
Duration: 4:58

Vox (Extended Remix), duration of 6:58, on the original release Touch [Nettwerk/NTCD 45] (Black Label) is identical to Vox (Extended Mix), duration of 6:56 on the CD single VOX [Nettwerk/W2-3070] except for the last seventeen seconds. At 6:36 into the song the there is a very subtle change in tempo as well as in the mixing of the percussion.

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