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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kate Bush - Hello Earth

This song was part 6 of "The Ninth Wave" on the album "Hounds Of Love". The choral section is the Georgian folk song "Tsintskaro" sung by The Richard Hickox Singers.

The paintings in the video are by Herb Leonhard.


Hello, Earth.
Hello, Earth.
With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out,
Out of sight.

Peek-a-boo, little Earth.
With just my heart and my mind
I can be driving,
Driving home,
And you asleep
On the seat.

I get out of my car,
Step into the night
And look up at the sky.
And there's something bright,
Travelling fast.
Look at it go!
Look at it go!

Hello, Earth.
Hello, Earth.
Watching storms
Start to form
Over America.
Can't do anything.
Just watch them swing
With the wind
Out to sea.

All you sailors,
("Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!")
All life-savers,
("Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!")
All you cruisers,
("Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!")
All you fishermen,
Head for home.

Go to sleep, little Earth.
I was there at the birth,
Out of the cloudburst,
The head of the tempest.
Murderer of calm.
Why did I go?
Why did I go?

*"Tiefer, tiefer.
Irgendwo in der Tiefe
Gibt es ein licht."*

Go to sleep little Earth.

*"Deeper, deeper, somewhere in the deep there is a light"

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