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Monday, December 20, 2010

Crash Worship - performance group formed in 1986

Crash Worship or ADRV (Adoración De Rotura Violenta) was a San Diego based experimental-aktionist-industrial-noise performance group formed in 1986.[1] Most renowned for its live shows in which three stand-up percussionists hammered out concussive poly-rhythms to abstract mutated guitar, synthesizers, effects and dualling vocalists. Audience members were showered in various substances such as blood, wine and honey while band members ignited combustibles and fire within the performance area.[2] Crash Worship also released several albums and singles of both live and studio-recorded music. Mostly self produced (unusually packaged and laboriously handcrafted) works in visually stunning screen printed metal splattered with paint, urine, blood and other esoteria.[3] Although they toured playing their recorded material, the celebratory nature of these events left each show open to spontaneity & improvisation.[4]

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