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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Plastic State of Mind - Parody

Using music & comedy to show you what you can do to fight the toxic plastic industry. from Green Sangha:
NEWS FLASH: Congrats to LA County for Banning the Plastic Bag!

Ben Zolno - Writer/Lyricist/Director/Bag Boy/Editor
Glenn Sauber - Shopper
AshEl Eldridge - Rapper
Jenni Perez - Singer
Bex Kanengiser - Cashier
Many Green Sangha volunteers - Shoppers

Amy English - Production Coordinator, AD
David Nakabayashi - DP
Harrison Pierce - Consultant, Animatic, AC
Bo Cox - Camera Op
Working Music Track - Colin Menzies
Final Music Track and Mastering - Amurai

Sponsored by
Good Earth Organic -
To-Go Ware -
Chico Bag -
People Towels -

Shoulda brought your own bag
Yeah but you forgot it though
You were busy dreamin of ice cream and
all that cookie dough

Your life is wrapped in plastic
Convenience is your motto
But plastic addiction's worse
than they want you to know

BP's oil spill
Almost like we did it -
We use one million grocery-bags
every single minute

Recycling them's a joke yo
That baggie don't go anywhere
It turns to little pieces
and then it spreads over everywhere

Into your food supply
Into your blood supply
Not to mention birds and fish and
Cuties you don't wanna die

Just look at baby Sammy
Dioxins in its milky way,
cuz even her breast milk it's got

OK now you get it
How you gonna stop it though
Banning Single Use Plastic Bags
is the way to go!

Join other states and cities
Kick the nasty habit
Tell your representatives
Ban single-use bags made from

Fossil product all your crap's made of
There's one thing we can do
Ban bags made of plastic
Skip the bag, the cup and spork dude
Convenience will kill you
Ban single use plastic toxic bags

Sustainably we go forth and save our cities
Bringing your own bag and forks and bottles should be easy
But corporations selling toxins bought the government
Stand together for yourself, your kids, the planet sayin'

Yeah, yeah,
Ban single-use bags made of

Fossil product all your crap's made of
There's one thing we can do
Ban bags made of plastic

Bring your own don't you forget dude
And let your reps know too
Ban single use plastic toxic bags!

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