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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love or Drugs?-The Chemical Self

Love has been around since Humans began.. it is the oldest design mechanism used to not only ensure our race's survival, but to provide the will to overcome considerable obstacles in developing tribal and societal mechanisms and to fight diseases and predators even to the exclusion of our own safety... Some drugs just happen to trip these mechanisms for reasons we don't fully understand.. Drugs came later.. Drugs occurred because Humans can't relinquish control or usage and sometimes abuse of substances that are triggers for our most ancient mechanisms... We keep drugs around to trip our natural mechanisms... like a rat in a maze at the cocaine dispenser in the drug lab.. not intelligent enough to understand ourselves..

"Vampire 101: Love: There is no object worth more than a loved one. No drug worth more than a loved one. There is no politic worth more than a loved one. There is no faith worth more than a loved one. For what is Love but primordial certainty that Love can withstand anything, do anything, be anything? Love is evolution. Love cannot be recreated by drugs, money or avarice.... even fire envies Love" - Arstråda Magazine Crüe

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