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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Russian Hovercraft Christy 6183 De Luxe

  On June 27th 2014
Christyhovercraft’s team has finished bench and sea trials of upgraded version
of hovercraft Christy 6183 DeLuxe and
now it’s available for booking!

                Due to adding a lot of upgrades
which improved amphibious qualities, controllability, appearance, ergonomics
and added more useful space in the cabin of hovercraft – this model gets a new
index “DeLuxe”. In spite of big
amount of improvements, major investments, a lot of hard work and appreciation
rates we have found a possibility not to raise the price.
                Continuous learning and desire
for a leadership in hovercraft manufacturing is our crucial benefit. We work
for you!
The list of upgrades:
propeller is based on the new four-cylinder horizontally-opposed boosters
Subaru FB 20, which is now working instead of EJ. This engine is much lighter,
more eco-friendly and more economic (with the same power – less fuel used).
Also the new external screw and gear reducer are used.
Cabin and Body
We have
also upgraded the cabin – it is more comfortable and ergonomic now. We have
increased the inside space without enlarging the body. The ceiling is higher so
it makes easier to move inside the cabin. Internal equipment with lots of nice
and useful stuff will meet the requirements of all tempted clients. This cabin
is designed for 6 people and all the seats can be turned to beds. If needed the
craft can take 8 people on board! We also added an anti-slip cover for safe
walking along the sides of the craft and put them lower for pilot’s and
passengers’ comfort.
Fuel system
Instead of
one 100-liter tank which was in the back we added two tanks for 160 liters in
total. First it keeps c.g. right and leaves 1200-liter space in the trunk for
all your belongings.
Extra options

For the new
version of Christy 6183 DeLuxe we
have a big amount of extra options like car seat-belts, different combinations
of sofas and seats, removable plastic table, air-conditioner, navigation,
rescue equipment and special outfit for hunting and fishing
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