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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix (2 December 1891 -- 25 July 1969) was a German painter and printmaker, noted for his ruthless and harshly realistic depictions of Weimar society and the brutality of war. Along with George Grosz, he is widely considered one of the most important artists of the Neue Sachlichkeit.
Otto Dix was born in Untermhaus, Germany, now a part of the city of Gera. The eldest son of Franz and Louise Dix, an iron foundry worker and a seamstress who had written poetry in her youth, he was exposed to art from an early age. The hours he spent in the studio of his cousin, Fritz Amann, who was a painter, were decisive in forming young Otto's ambition to be an artist; he received additional encouragement from his primary school teacher.Between 1906 and 1910, he served an apprenticeship with painter Carl Senff, and began painting his first landscapes. In 1910, he entered the Kunstgewerbeschule in Dresden (Academy of Applied Arts), where Richard Guhr was among his teachers. (from Wikipedia)

Music: Alban Berg (1885-1935,Austrian composer) - Piano Sonata op.1
Piano: Glenn Gould (1932-1982,Canadian pianist)

Paintings in this video:

1) Self with Carnation,1912
2) Small Self-Portrait,1913
3) Night over the City,1913
4) Sunrise,1913
5) The Nun,1914
6) Self-Portrait,1914
7) Self-Portrait as Mars,1915
8) Trenches,1917
9) Leda,1919
10) Pregnant Woman,1919
11) Moon Woman,1919
12) The Match Seller,1920
13) Dr.Heinrich Stadelmann,1920
14) Kriegskruppel (War-Cripples),1920
15) Dr.Hans Koch,1921
16) Self-Portrait,1921
17) Modern Dancers,1922
18) Street View,1922
19) Self-Portrait,1922
20) The Businessman,Max Roesberg,Dresden,1922
21) Lion Tamer,1922
22) Riding Scene,1920s
23) Head in the Evening,1923
24) Mieze,Abend im Cafe,1923
25) Leonie,1923
26) Portrait of Martha Dix,1923
27) Portrait of the Jeweler Karl Krall,1923
28) Group Portrait: Gunther Francke,Paul Ferdinand Schmidt and Karl Nierendorf,1923
29) Portrait of the Painter Adolf Uzarsky,1923
30) The Pleasures of the Mariners,1923
31) Gert Heinrich Wollheim - This is the bad uncle Dix,1923
32) Machine Gunners Advancing,1924
33) A Skull,1924
34) Stormtroopers during a Gas Attack,1924
35) Still Life with Widow's Veil,1925
36) Die Irrsinnige (The Mad Woman),1926
37) The Photographer Hugo Erfurth,1925
38) Three Prostitutes on the Street,1925
39) August Sander - The Painter Otto Dix and his Wife Martha,1925
40) Arthur Kaufmann - The Contemporaries (including Otto Dix),1925
41) August Sander - Otto Dix,1924
42) Portrait of Poet Ivar von Lucken,1926
43) Portrait of Journalist Sylvia von Harden,1926
44) This is Jankel Adler, 1926
45) Dr. Mayer- Hermann,1926
46) Hugo Erfurth with Dog,1926
47) Street Fight,1927
48) The Match Vendor II,1927
49) Metropolis (Right Panel of Triptych),1928
50) Hugo Erfurth - Otto Dix with his painting class at the Dresden Academy,1929
51) Portrait of the Painter Hans Radziwill,1929
52) War Triptych (detail of the middle panel),1929
53) Woman with Red Hair,1931
54) Trench Warfare,1932
55) Portrait of the Actor Heinrich George,1932
56) Hugo Erfurth - Otto Dix and (actor) Heinrich George in front of his portrait,1933
57) Flandern,1934
58) Portrait of Eleonor Frey,1936
59) Prof. Dr. R. Andler,1943
60) Portrait of a Prisoner,1945
61) Masks among the Ruins,1946
62) Cafe Couple (Paar im Cafe),1921

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