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Thursday, June 23, 2011

UFOs Angels and Gods - Documentary FULL

UFOs Angels and Gods brings together UFO research and biblical scholarship. These two fields of knowledge placed together bring new insight into the UFO phenomenon and alien abductions and demythologizes ancient accounts of angels and gods.
All civilizations attribute their genesis to the gods. All of the great religions speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere.
- Is there a connection between these accounts and the modern day UFO phenomenon?
- Can accounts of flying beings from the Bible shed light on the identity of UFOs?
- Are they mere observers or participants on the world stage?

UFOs Angels & Gods begins where other documentaries end, bringing a new perspective to an ongoing debate, and asks the critical question:
Does the modern day UFO phenomenon fall within the scope of biblical prophecy?

DVD available at :

Featured Guests:
- Professor David Jacobs Ph.D / Temple university, author of The Threat
- Dr. Barry Downing Ph.D / Pastor First Presbyterian Church Ithaca NY. Author of The Bible & flying Saucers
- Dr. Chuck Missler Ph.D/ Internationally renowned Bible Scholar & author of Alien Encounters
- Sigung John Peel/ Christian Teacher

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