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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Video: The 12 Drinks of Christmas

If Ebeneezer Scrooge weren't too cheap to drink, he'd have loved what La Belle Vie bartender Johnny Michaels has mixed up this year.
Michaels' "12 Drinks of Christmas" is an inventive drink menu filled with cheeky humor and stiff liquor that will make you forget the bad sweater you got for the holidays this year. Featuring a baker's dozen of drinks (I guess Johnny just couldn't pare it down) from "Sure, Mr. Scrooge, I can work Christmas Eve" which mixes whiskey, brandy and coffee, to "Santa's Little Helpers" which is a pair of 'D battery sized' shots featuring vanilla espresso, hazelnut vodka and topped with caramel cream.
The drink menu is available through December 31st of this year.
Here they are:
Over the River and Through the Holidazzle Traffic--gingerbread hot buttered rum
Purple Santa--a Viking inspired white hot chocolate
The Flu Shot--a lemon-ginger-zinc-echinacea mini martini
Lump of Coal--bourbon and amaro mint julep
Merry Christmas Mr. Burns--prune infused gin with Christmas tonic
Santa's Little Helpers--a couple of D-sized battery shots of espresso vanilla hazelnut vodka topped with caramel cream
Your Family is Insane (but I love you anyway)--sugarplum brandy old fashioned with Christmas bitters
Sure Mr. Scrooge, I Can Work Christmas Eve--whiskey, brandy, and black coffee in a coffee cup
The Christmas Shovel--taro-chai-hazelnut non-alcoholic latte
The Mistletoe--sparkling citrus pomegranate vodka martini
The Sugar Plum--a gin, plum-wine, champagne cocktail
First Frost--white brandy with minted maple root beer cream
Grinch Nog -- rye whiskey, maraschino bitters, and salted absinthe with a green cherry

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