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Friday, November 19, 2010

Learn How to Paint Abstract Painting with Acrylics by Peter Dranitsin

Learn How to Paint Abstract Painting with Acrylics by Peter Dranitsin at


You've been a collector of posters and prints for a long time. Now you are ready to dive into the world of original art. Scary, isn't it? How you go about doing it will make all the difference, never fear. Since nearly the whole artistic world is online, the surest and safest way to begin your research on what you want to purchase is to browse online galleries. Any artist worth clicking on will have a well-set-up online gallery, explanations of himself and his artistic vision on the very first page. You read about the artist's background and methods, seeing for yourself whether you agree with his techniques and finished results. You surf the Web some more, and come back to a few favorite sites. Then, you consider your price outline and the purposes of buying original art: is it to be for your personal space in your home, the common area in your home, your office where colleagues will no doubt see it and learn about your taste from your choice or, more difficult perhaps than these options, is it to be a gift for a family member, colleague or institution? Will your choice reflect your intimate knowledge of the happy receiver of your largesse? Take a deep breath, now. It's not going to be insurmountable!

Like any other sort of decision, you make a list consisting of pluses and minuses. What is suitable for your study at home may not be the perfect accoutrement for the office lounge. You hone your list further and come up with more criteria: a certain shade of blue will complement your home's sofa, for the common room. The size of the wall in the office lounge is suitable for a truly expansive canvas of original art, depicting perhaps a motivational scene such as a mountaineer who has reached the top of a peak, surely portraying his personal best in his goals.
Are you worried that if your selection is that of a popular artist's work and subject, that your choice will be considered trite? Even if you entertain this worry, rest assured, that the reason a popular artist gains popularity is because his art touches a common chord in his audience and the audience responds favorably by purchasing many canvases from him. If you are thinking of your purchase as an investment, that is even more reason to buy his work, but moving beyond those monetary considerations, what is key to a piece of art's success is its spark, that indefinable something that reaches from the artist to his canvas to you. If all these things are in agreement and resonate within you, then your choice will be the correct one. It can't go wrong when it feels so right.

Should you still feel concern, then abstract art is the ultimate answer. Abstract art is unique to the artist, who sees a subject in terms of line, color and texture and surely even the same artist does not see the same subject in the exact manner twice in a row. Whether the artist's genre is abstract expressionism or lyrical abstraction, a piece in the abstract manner will certainly be singular in the entire world.

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